Mark Royer

Room 225 East Annex



Office Hours

2-4pm Mondays & 1-3 Wednesdays

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mroyer <AT>

Research Interests

I am a PhD student and research assistant in The Department of Computer Science at The University of Maine. My research interests include object-oriented programming languages and database systems. I'm currently working on data integration problems at The University of Maine. Previously, I worked on extending the Java Virtual Machine with reflective constraints coupled with theorem prover technologies.

I am a member of the University of Maine Graduate Student Government and a member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon.

SEP 6 2013

This semester, I am working on data integration and manipulation problems with the Climate Change Institute at The University of Maine. I recently helped to develop a web site for managing ITASE related data that can be found at I am teaching COS 221 (C++ Data Structures).